Posters designed for jewelry exhibition «La Botiga dels Joves Joiers»

Ekaterina Selezneva

The aim of this project was to express the creativity, modernity and handmade nature of jewels. The process was photographic - the mannequins are from Zara, and my flatmate was a model for hands.

After that I edited the images in Photoshop. The idea of the project is that the body and the object swap places - we see the hands of someone being a decoration for something which is not alive.

The jewels that students of EASD are creating are handmade, and this is why hands were chosen to express that. Different colours express different authors, different styles, why they all are joined together with the same idea.

The colours are fresh and vibrant, because the authors are young and full of energy and new ideas. The hands represent different types of decorations - earring, diadem, bracelet, collar.

My project won, being chosen among 60 other applications to represent the exhibition and was published at the Facebook page of one of the most influential graphic design magazines and news portals in Spain “Gràffica Info”.

My teacher Elisabet Rodríguez-Flores helped me a lot to develop this project, as long as other teachers from my university - Javier Mestre Beltrán and Dionisio Sanchez from the Department of the Graphic Design of EASD.

Hello, I am a graphic designer from Russia, but currently living in Valencia. I came here five years ago to change my life and my profession. I have a degree in translation and linguistics, and worked several years in that area.

However I always felt I wanted to do something more creative, I used to draw a lot as a kid, and I think I made a right choice choosing the Graphic Design. I did one year internship in the UK, and came back here to work and continue my studies.

For the…

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