Jessica Evangelista & Geraldine Kann
Jessica Evangelista & Geraldine Kann

Jessica Evangelista & Geraldine Kann

Barcelona (ES)

Jessica Evangelista is a multidisciplinary designer focused on trends research based in Brazil. Geraldine Kann is a Bolivian-German trend researcher and entrepreneur based in Barcelona with an academic background in International Trade, Business & Marketing.

We share the curiosity for how things and trends emerge and adapt with the integration of new technology in our everyday life and through design, especially in the creative economy, environmental, and technological aspects.

This project is the result of a problem-solving workshop that we had within the class "Product Decision Making through Research" during our post-graduation Trends Research course from January to April 2018 at IED, where we met and decided to develop the idea of scented postcards vending-machines and take further the project concept.

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