Scented Postcards Vending-Machines

By: Jessica Evangelista & Geraldine Kann

Our “Scented Postcards Vending-Machines” aim to target the tourists of Barcelona initially - more specifically the ones visiting the city’s food markets - who are looking for an original, practical and economic souvenir for their loved ones back home.

We know that the sense of smell is closely linked to memory, creating a powerful experience by just creating a trigger. Our creative and commercial business is based on the need and desire of sharing with and bringing part of the travel experience to your family and friends taking into account the flight restrictions such as luggage weight, liquid restrictions when coming from the European Union or any other travel regulations when flying.

In this sense, we wanted to offer the foodie visitor the opportunity to buy a light, small at the same time genuine product that will capture the essence of the market experience with all its colorful produce offer and different fresh, spicy and typical gastronomic smells.

This is how - through a design thinking process - we came up with a customized food scented postcard!We will start with a basic product offering of three different postcards designed by us; each sample comes with an aroma that is kept in a vacuum writable packaging.

The designs are inspired in the local Mediterranean markets and in the case of Barcelona we would, for example, illustrate the ingredients needed for a “pa amb tomàquet” (bread with tomato) combining it with the fresh smell of the crunchy slice of bread as well as the fresh tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil.

Other options we would feature and develop are paella, ham sandwich, artichoke omelet (vegetarian), gazpacho (vegan) or sea oyster to start with. The project illustrations we are submitting on the platform to feature our idea are calçots (elongated spring onions) with "Romesco" sauce, paella, and bread with tomato.

We would look for collaborations with young illustrators from Barcelona to design further postcard editions, i. e. special seasons like Easter, Christmas or different events and local festivities.

In order to buy the postcards our commercial physical channel is through special adapted vending machines that allow the consumer to pre-taste the different aromas before choosing the postcard and then proceeding to buy our product.

We will first place our vending machines in strategic markets like the Boqueria, Santa Caterina and San Antoni entries and exits, but also in transit areas of airports later to grab a last-minute souvenir.

Each vending machine will supply a variety of souvenir postcards that will provide to each location different offerings depending on the selected markets. Alternatively, we will consider to introduce printed phrases on the postcards (see project images).

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