Marija Gradečak
Marija Gradečak

Marija Gradečak Zagreb

Marija Gradečak was born on April 8, 1986 in Varaždin (Croatia). She completed her studies of applied art in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where she also began her professional experience in the field of design.

She has participated in the development and realization of art installations, performances, happenings and conceptual and commercial product design. She founded her own brand of fashion accessories from recycled materials and worked in the field of furniture redesign.

She has exhibited at group exhibitions, design events and fairs in Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Italy, the United States and Slovakia. She won the second Lorenzo il Magnifico award in the category of textile art at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence 2017 (Italy) and gold plaques and diplomas Mobil optimum 2016, for innovative development and quality of products "Lap" at Ambienta, international fair of furniture, interior design and related industries in Zagreb.

He writes poetry in prose which has been published in two group collections “Arrhythmia” and “Fatamorgana” and connects design and literature within his conceptual works. For many years, she worked in the textile industry as a carpet and tapestry designer, and continues her professional career as a self-employed product designer, illustrator and interior designer.

She wrote and illustrated the picture book for children Mala Mica, dizajnerica, which was published by the publisher Profil. By finding methods to encourage the creative development of children aged 6 to 10, he maintains design education for children.

She complements her story about Mala Mica, dizajnerica, with the development of a brand or interactive products.

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