Marija Gradečak

The Mica collection consists of two products: a cabinet and a chair. It is designed to encourage children’s creative expression. It builds its identity on multifunctionality, aesthetic and sensory experience.

The furniture is used for storage, storage of toys, board games and other contents for play. The front of the cabinet can be visually changed again with textile stripes. The chair is used for sitting or creative arrangement of geometric shapes in two colors.

The textiles and MDF are in coherently use such as Japanese method of joining parts of furniture without screws implement on Mica. MICA WARDROBEa characteristic piece of furniture whose front you can visually change every day with your own creative participation.

Properly spaced holes on the front allow for inexhaustible combinations. By drawing textile strips and creating their line positions, visible, playful patterns are created. The smooth base material thus becomes embossed and textural in character.

The cabinet consists of a cubic body and four transverse shelves, the ends of which are vertically bounded by a total of six compact elastics. Apart from the decorative curiosity of joining textiles with a MDF base, elastics are also book stoppers.

They are attached to printers and can be used to insert (hang) soft objects and plush toys, and their benefit is the possibility of easy replacement. The surfaces are made of anthracite, light gray and orange.

The edges of the cabinets are rounded and precisely finished. The interactive surface of the front is certainly a real challenge to which you will always be happy to return again and again.

MICA STOOLis a multipurpose product. It can be used for sitting or for creative arrangement of geometric shapes in two colors. Inside the main horizontal surface, there are twelve movable elements.

By arranging them and combining colors, interesting flat patterns or simple 3D objects are created. An integral part of the chair is a comfortable pillow that can be used on the upper surface, if necessary, attached with Velcro or for relaxed sitting on the floor.

The table can also be attached to the cabinet as an extended part of the shelf and be a function of the storage area. Its lines are rounded and pleasant to the touch. It is made of MDF in three colors, anthracite, light gray and orange.

Mica is an interesting and useful accessory that will serve you for various functional and creative purposes.

Marija Gradečak was born on April 8, 1986 in Varaždin (Croatia). She completed her studies of applied art in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where she also began her professional experience in the field of design.

She has participated in the development and realization of art installations, performances, happenings and conceptual and commercial product design. She founded her own brand of fashion accessories from recycled materials and worked in the field of furniture redesign.

She has…

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