Nacho Casanova
Nacho Casanova

Nacho Casanova


I have always been attracted to the creation of objects as well as spaces or sensations. My taste for architecture, photography, innovation and search solutions for people daily problems led me to start my studies on Product Design.

My main qualities are creativity due to my open mind, optimism and my ability to solve. I am also a good mediator and communicator, which brings a great work environment and stability to the group in which I work.

My personal goal is to become a “designer of his time” that works by and for people. I can’t just design an object, I need to create a new and attractive experience for the user.

I want to work making life more comfortable through a clean, minimalist, and simple design. The use of good quality materials, their origin, treatment, and manufacturing is very important to me.

I consider that now is the moment in which creatives have to assume the duties we owe to natural enviroment. Respect for and conservation of the environment is a very present theme in my creative development.

The need for a change in our current mode of production is a latent reality. The world needs our help and that’s reason why each project becomes a new opportunity to improve the situation.

I think that what I like most about this profession is the possibility of creating something that serves a greater good. Produce objects with soul, that are a message for our society and serve to improve our consciousness with the planet.

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