Artesana (handmade polyvalent lamp)

Nacho Casanova

We live in a consumer society, where compulsive purchases have grown, the need to possess the last model, emotional detachment from objects and loss of interest in the origin of what we consume (materials, production .

). This question led me to consider the need to highlight the value of crafts. Crafts, cradle of commerce, are today in danger because many of its branches they are coming to their end in an industrialized world.

Suddenly I saw in the craft a viable way out for this problem, a creative way that connects each user with the person who has manufactured the product, a sustainable and human production that gives value to each object.

Artesana is a polyvalent lamp that goes with us wherever we go. Her provided size and design make it a portable object and simple to use. This lumiary is born from the need to return the value of crafts to today’s society.

Being an example of fusion between crafts. In it, the forge and the basketry coexist in harmony. Its split structure allows the user to play with the opening space, depending on the amount of light needed.

The possibility of regulating it makes Artesana a light that adapts to the needs of the user. It also has a USB port in which you can charge your mobile anywhere, you just have to connect to it.

I have always been attracted to the creation of objects as well as spaces or sensations. My taste for architecture, photography, innovation and search solutions for people daily problems led me to start my studies on Product Design.

My main qualities are creativity due to my open mind, optimism and my ability to solve. I am also a good mediator and communicator, which brings a great work environment and stability to the group in which I work.

My personal goal is to become a…

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