1,5 Kg de Ocupa!

1/4 studio

Book commissioned by Galeria Ocupa!, an art gallery located at an old butcher shop. "1,5 Kg de Ocupa!" was published to celebrate the first year and a half of artistic production at the gallery. The book contains a section dedicated to the past, where it looks back at the time when the space was still a butcher. This section was printed on yellow recycled paper. The second section focuses on the present and the new role the butcher has taken on — a gallery. The book gathers all the exhibits featured at the gallery during that first year and a half, as well as essays from several writers, professors, curators and critics that were invited to write about the work being developed at the gallery. The gallery retains much of the original place's aesthetics, and we opted to use the idiosyncratic language seen across the "endangered species" of old, traditional butchers across town. This meant using affordable materials for the bookbinding and a lettering style that evoked the visual language used at those places, often scribbled/hand-lettered by the butcher themselves. As result, every book cover of this limited series has different title designs, as they were all hand-lettered individually. The project was all about raw, affordable materials, that evoked the aesthetic of the "vintage" butchers of Porto. We used CLK Kraft Cardboard as a softcover, which was splattered with red paint (alluding to the blood one would encounter at the butcher place). The book block was perfect bound to this paper. Then, to confer some rigidity (and "weight") to the project, we added two pieces of thick eskaboard, using a sandwich binding method. These pieces of cardboard were screen printed on, using black ink, and also had the hand-lettered title overlayed. The back cover is used as a colophon/copyright and the structure of the layout was inspired by the nutritional value stamps that we can often encounter in meat packaging.

1/4 is an internationally awarded design studio, based in Porto, Portugal, founded by Ana Mota and Jorge Araújo. Working mostly with the cultural sector the studio develops editorial projects, websites and visual identities. The work developed lives somewhere between the analogue and the digital, the intuitive and the strategic thinking, the craft and the conceptual.

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