Panejamento — Rui Mota

1/4 studio

Catalog of "Panejamento", a sculpture exhibit by Rui Mota. The artist displayed concrete volumes in the space of the gallery, changing their location during the whole time it was on exhibit. During that time, every day, the artist made a photographic register of that mutation, using his analog camera. This catalog serves as a physical memory of that event. The box, as the cover of the catalog, like the displayed concrete volumes, is turned into a concrete volume itself, using eskaboard without any finishing, revealing the structural materials of the box. The typeset composition was overpressed against the cardboard, so that the dry relief would create cracks in the surface, mimicking what happened with the concrete volumes over time. The photos sit inside, printed using Risograph, without any binding, allowing for a reshuffling of the order of the photos, alluding to the mutable nature of the original exhibit.

1/4 is an internationally awarded design studio, based in Porto, Portugal, founded by Ana Mota and Jorge Araújo. Working mostly with the cultural sector the studio develops editorial projects, websites and visual identities. The work developed lives somewhere between the analogue and the digital, the intuitive and the strategic thinking, the craft and the conceptual.

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