1 (to) N is a 'Change Facilitator'. They're all about relationships and proportions. How we relate to ourselves and others, in an organization and in society. From this idea of origin and relationships, Autobahn designed a visual identity for 1-N.

The design for the typeface 'Jakobus' is based on the Plastic Number proportion theory by Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1994), called the Morphotheek. We used it to create a scale relation within and between glyphs.

The measurements of 1-N (print)materials are also based on the Morphotheek. The conventional size for a business card is 55x85mm. The 1-N business card is 50x85mm, making it slightly different in look and feel.

Printed in black on 350 grams Olin natural white with a copper foil stamp and typeset in Gotham and Jakobus.

Autobahn is a Dutch creative agency, internationally known for its typographic and research-based approach that connects on a human level. We use design as a creative strategic tool to develop and evolve businesses. Every day, Autobahn is fully committed to create playful, intelligent and imaginative ideas with our clients. Regardless the size, nature or platform of the project.

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