By: Autobahn

Rhinoceros by Daan Paans & Autobahn

In his photographic projects, Daan Paans (1985, NL), investigates the concept of time. He is interested in the way time - past, present and future - shapes our interpretation of the world. In collaboration with Daan Paans we designed a typographic header for his Rhinoceros exhibition.

We used layers of transparent sheets to represent the change of our alphabet throughout time. The history of our alphabet is one of creating, copying, reducing and altering in order to create a communication system.

What started as a drawing of an Ox head in Syria around 1500 B.C., we now recognize as a capital letter A. And most of our modern letters find its origin in representations of images. C: the hump of a came, M: water, S: a tooth.

Past and present of written communication methods come together in one image. Forming a Röntgen-photo of the core of our written communication.

Object specifications Wood, glass, print on transparent sheets, 103 x 39 cm.

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