2060 The Newton Hostel & Market

Wanna One

2060 is not a date. Even though Isaac Newton predicted the world would end on that year. 2060 The Newton Hostel & Market is the new refuge in Madrid for all those people conscious of the urgency of living the moment.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate life and share experiences with friends and strangers, in an urban oasis. Because in 2060 the vegetation conquers spaces and comes up from windows, doors or even from the elevator.

The hummingbirds fly backwards and the insects hide between the furniture and the design objects, many created ad hoc by young local artists and designers. 2060 is not a hostel because travellers come to stay, attracted by its unbeatable location; or by its rooftop bar with views to the Madrid sky; or because all the services they offer including spa, laundry, bicycle renting, full equipped kitchen, internet connection and garage.

2060 is not a hostel, even if it has 200 beds. Its 27 rooms are designed to adapt themselves to the travellers' needs and their lifestyle. So, there are rooms for groups, families, couples, people travelling alone, women only.

With a private or shared bathroom. In 2060 they have done an effort so you can rest without losing the privacy you need to sleep. Maybe someone would arrive in 2060 thinking about sleeping for a good price, in a new hostel, where everything is cool and instagrammable.

But surely during their stay they will find messages which will open their eyes. And shortly the thirst for life will arrive. Actually, everyone taking part of 2060 is conscious “we are the time we have left” and share this thirst for life.

Starting with their founders, the staff, and Wanna One, the study leading the 360º project.

En Wanna One tenemos un propósito. Poner nuestra creatividad al servicio de empresas dispuestas a arriesgarse, romper las reglas, aportar optimismo a su alrededor y crear experiencias únicas. Wanna One es un estudio de marketing, diseño e interiorismo especializado en experiencias de marca y proyectos 360º. Cathy. Es la directora estratégica. Ella analiza todo lo que entra o sale del estudio. Esther es la directora creativa. Ella da el impulso creativo y gráfico a todos nuestros proyectos.…

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