Wanna One

Landing in Dénia (Spain) for their last project, the Wanna One team knew that their challenge was to provide in an homogeneus way a concept totally new for the area. A brave project, located in the Marina Alta region, that looks to satisfy in a sole space, the different needs of the local entrepreneurs, or the people that uses the city as a hub.

Wanna One developed an image and marketing consultancy 360º, that embraced the definition of a brand strategy based in a precise analysis of the national and international competitive environment and the global trends, to the creation of the brand, its universal concept and the later interiorism and graphics created for the place.

The result is a futurist proposal that answers the idea of the owners: create a singular space, never seen, a space that still does not exist. Because of those concepts, Wanna One has used the joining of the words knowledge and nowhere to create the naming of this new space: Knowhere.

En Wanna One tenemos un propósito. Poner nuestra creatividad al servicio de empresas dispuestas a arriesgarse, romper las reglas, aportar optimismo a su alrededor y crear experiencias únicas. Wanna One es un estudio de marketing, diseño e interiorismo especializado en experiencias de marca y proyectos 360º. Cathy. Es la directora estratégica. Ella analiza todo lo que entra o sale del estudio. Esther es la directora creativa. Ella da el impulso creativo y gráfico a todos nuestros proyectos.…

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