David Parada González

In May 2021, two Spanish urban fashion brands launched a unique collaboration between them. From this moment on and thanks to the success of the drop, Belaguer and 6ixt4our, would consolidate as two of the most important and crucial brands among young consumers of streetwear clothing in Spain. This past May, the collaboration celebrated its second anniversary. This project is a tribute to the success of this collaboration, with the idea of transmitting the personality and relevance of both brands through it. Both at the beginning and at the end of the video, you can see certain acronyms referring to the cities where Belaguer, (VLC-Valencia) and 6ixt4our, (LCG-A Coruña) were born. On the other hand, the small illustration on which these letters appear has been made by hand to allude to the effort and meticulous elaboration of every detail and product of each brand.

Comencé a interesarme por el diseño y las artes gracias a mi abuelo y a su vocación con la pintura y la fotografía que me inculcó desde pequeño. Pese a que le hubiera gustado que me dedicase al mundo de la medicina, en el año 2018 me mudé a Madrid para comenzar la carrera en Diseño Gráfico y Multimedia en ESNE. Durante mi último año de carrera me interesó mucho el mundo de artes digitales, por lo que decidí inscribirme a un Máster en Motion Graphics en la escuela Voxel School,…

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