Antonio Palacios. Dreams of modernity, commitment to Galicia

Uqui Permui Martinez

This book reflects on the different aspects of the well-known architect who made drawings of some of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid. But, in spite of having worked in different places, he always maintained close ties with Galicia, both through culture and materials, such as the stone from the quarries of O Porriño.

That was the thread I followed to design the publication; I reached the stone quarries while searching for the essence that the architect pursued. Then, I just made a sketch of the cracks that appear between the large blocks as if it was an architectural plan.

As Álvaro Bonet says in this work: “If Michelangelo said he could see the sculpture inside a block of marble and that he just limited himself to removing the waste, that is how Palacios must have conceived the architecture of the Madrid Metro”.

The type of binding is also designed to intensify this idea, exposing the structure of the book, which we then wrap in a dust jacket so we can keep the information on the spine in the library.

Uqui Permui Martinez


Graduada en Comunicación (Especialidad en comunicación audiovisual) Posgrado Multimedia en Diseño de Interacción y Usabilidad (UX). Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). …

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