Museo Pontevedra

Uqui Permui Martinez

Pontevedra MuseumSymbols are used to represent myriad elements and concepts, yet at the same time, in order to contribute patrimonial value, they must also be capable of transmitting exclusivity.

And in this sense, my greatest challenge lay in creating an identity that would encompass the city. A challenge stemming from my conviction that in the case of Pontevedra, museum and city are inextricably entwined; a rare occurrence that I believe is one of the key characteristics of this museum, housed in not just one, but in several buildings dotted organically around the city.

As you move from one building to another, you discover the streets and arcades, which in turn lead you to the inevitable conclusion that the entire city is in fact a living museum.

In a way, this notion was reflected in the 1942 drawing by Alejandro de la Sota, which had been used to reflect the museum’s identify since then. De la Sota traced the city, and now, albeit using a different language and new codes, my intention was to do the same.

My starting point was a series of recognisable forms and shapes that form the hallmarks of Pontevedra and have been repeated in architecture and the crafting of precious metals for thousands of years.

Objects included in the treasure of Caldas de Reis, including everyday items such as the comb I came across whilst researching the items included in the museum collection. Probably due to our current aversion to touching items as a result of the COVID-19 emergency, I remember thinking to myself, “What were the women who used these combs like?” “How is it that an everyday item that is normally taken for granted, can acquire the status of a cultural treasure?” It was this train of thought that enabled me to create this symbol; an ‘M’ that is at once a small and a capital letter: a capital letter with all the importance of the museum it represents, yet at the same time a small letter that transmits a sense of familiarity…

Uqui Permui Martinez


Graduada en Comunicación (Especialidad en comunicación audiovisual) Posgrado Multimedia en Diseño de Interacción y Usabilidad (UX). Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). …

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