Blend Station


Blend Station, a coffee shop located in the heart of Condesa neighborhood, is our first integral project in Mexico City. We decided to develop the branding concept on every corner of the shop.

Along with a talented team, we designed way beyond a logo or a package. We thought about the whole experience: coffee’s place of origin, roasting methods, the drinking ritual, the ceramic where every blend will be poured, how every meal should be placed in plate and even a huge mural in the wall that represents Blend’s essence.

All this work done to represent a space that wakes you up to the smell of coffee and inspires you into new ideas. Blend Station, our first coffee shop in Mexico City. Collaborators.

Blend, Solvar, Lum lum & Daqustic

Futura was founded in 2008 by Vicky González and Iván García. The intersection of two different backgrounds and working methods gave us a unique way of approaching projects, finding balance between stiffness and rebellion. What we had in common was key to settle some rules, and we have been following them since day one. We are experts in our field and our scope goes beyond what’s visual. We have experience in brand business strategy and creation. We…

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