Bottle label design for The Strangest Mix

Tea for two

The Strangest Mix, a brand of original premium premixed cocktails, was looking for a bottle label design that would set it apart from the rest and help it to stand out in a burgeoning market.

By deconstructing the nineteenth century illustrations by botanist Charles Dessalines d’Orbigny, we created two bizarre creatures and placed them in an extraordinary setting combining elements of Ancient Egypt, Arabic structures and Nordic landscapes.

The scene is rounded off by a complex typographical creation that allows “The Strangest Mix” to really stand out on the label. The brand is even more gloriously enhanced thanks to a powerful colour mix in which shades of orange and blue vividly complement each other.

We use our Macs, phones and cameras; scissors, meta descriptions and glue sticks. Coloured paints, tons of storytelling, a flood of imagination, fonts with elegant serifs and crowded vectors.…

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