Bridging Generations

Hafdís Katrín Hlynsdóttir

Bridging Generations is an inspiring thesis project dedicated to bridging the gap between the older and the younger generations while fostering connections between the rural and the urban areas. Located in the charming town of Tiana, Barcelona, the project finds its home at Masía Can Reon. The project received the name Viska - an intergenerational learning center that serves as a beacon of cultural preservation. At its core, Viska brings together the wisdom of older generations from rural areas and the vibrant energy of the younger generation from urban settings. Their collective knowledge interweaves to safeguard the valuable cultural heritage and unique traditions that thrive within the local environment. The center’s carefully crafted three-step ritual - Narrate, Engage, and Reflect - guides participants on a transformative journey. In the Narrate ritual, participants immerse themselves in the essence of the local surroundings through verbal and visual storytelling. Engage, the second ritual, unravels the secrets of local materials, encouraging participants to cultivate and investigate materials that ignite their curiosity. Finally, the Reflect ritual promotes a sense of importance as participants understand the significance of their actions at the center, fostering shared reflection and inviting participants to leave their lasting personal marks for valuable documentation. Viska goes beyond its rituals, opening its doors to all who wish to educate themselves on the local environment. The center’s libraries house invaluable collections of local materials, documents, and books accessible to all. A delightful tasting area beckons visitors to savor the diverse flavors of the region’s edible offerings - a sensory exploration that connects palates with the bountiful lands. Viska's interior design pays homage to the traditional Catalan Masías while seamlessly integrating original and modern materials. The preservation of the small original windows maintains their authentic charm, while a courtyard was added to introduce an alternative source of natural light. This central courtyard serves as a gathering place, connecting all areas of the Masía and providing visitors with a tranquil space to enjoy. At its center stands a symbolic Olive Tree, inviting people to come together and embrace peace and friendship. When sunlight filters through the olive tree's leaves, it casts enchanting shadows, bringing a poetic balance of light and shadow to the floors and walls. Although currently centered in Catalonia, Bridging Generations aspires to spread its wings globally, establishing Viska centers uniquely tailored to each location to preserve valuable knowledge. Bridging Generations at Viska is essential to preserving local traditions and cultural heritage.

Hafdís Hlynsdóttir is a promising interior designer from Garðabær, Iceland. Guided by curiosity and passion, Hafdís moved abroad to Barcelona, Spain, to follow her dream of becoming an interior designer. She graduated as an interior designer from the Istituto Europeo di Design in June 2023, where she received a “Best Thesis Award”, issued by the Istituto Europeo di Design, for her inspiring project, Bridging Generations. Having pursued her studies in the vibrant city of Barcelona, she…

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