Carmen Barceló

This collection is inspired by toxic relationships. I started my research with three different stories, that were connected. The relationship between Picasso and Dora Mar, Man Ray and Lee Miller, Maria Callas and Aristoteles Onasis.

At the end I have decides to focus on Callas and Onasis, even so, the influence of these two other stories is reflected in my collection as well as the surrealistic movement. This collection tells the story of Callas.

How an independent, strong, elegant and feminine women, loses her own identity because of a man. How she idealises the relationship she was having, because at the end she was carrying by her own.

She was alone. "How far can you go, for stop being yourself and adapt to other person"The colours of the collection represents the drama, her vulnerability, the masculine energy, the elegance of the opera and the toxicity of the relationship.

In terms of fabrics I wanted to create a balance with the contrast of the fabrics. Almost all the materials of the collection are vintage, or leftovers from past collections. It is very important for me to include this up cycled materials to give them a second life, like a second chance, transmitting the sensation of elegance decadence and my philosophy as a designer.

With the different looks of the collection I am telling their stages of the relationship. The looks combine classic men tailoring shape with more delicate and linger work. The garments represents the absence of a body, so the women wears a man size, trying to hold everything together.

Her vulnerability and loss of the identity, with the lingerie materials, nudity and twisted shapes. What it is interesting about this collection is that you can wear some garment in many different ways so you create you or story.

I had the great opportunity of making a collaboration with converse for the shoes of my collection. My challenge was to turn their iconic Chuck Taylor and Pro Leather model, that it is very representative from the streetwear into something more elegant and sophisticated.

Like an art piece. For the complement of the collection my goal was to turn daily items into art pieces, under the slogan of elegant decadence. I was really inspired bye the hand bags that the women were wearing at the opera as well as the classic business men suitcases.

Mi nombre es Carmen Barceló. Acabo de graduarme como diseñadora de moda en el IED Barcelona (BA Fashion design). Desde que me mude a Barcelona he estado trabajando como diseñadora freelance haciendo customizaciones, como creative director para diferentes proyectos ( sobre todo de fotografía y video). Trabajo como freelance stylist y he publicado varias editoriales en Vogue junto Nike. Llevo trabajando con ellos en diferentes colaboraciones como joven creativa y deportista, ya que practico…

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