On my way to the tennis court

By: Carmen Barceló

This collection is inspired by the tennis of the late 30´s. Exploring the different silhouettes and volumes of this sophisticated sport and deconstruct them. Playing with the established roles between the man and the woman, and changing their attributes.

Creating a collection based on the balance between masculinity and feminity, and the contrast of elegance and strength. All the silhouettes of the collection came from working with up cycled garments and moulage.

Finding new silhouettes and the contrast of sports garments and historical garments. NO GENDER ROLES FOR THIS COLLECTION. I wanted to represent the strength and elegance of this beautiful and old sport with no gender and delicate garments.

I had the huge opportunity to do a collaboration with Lacoste and use they classical jersey for this collection. Finding new textures and shapes for their iconic garment.

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