Nicola Sancisi

Damica is a professional firm that deals with consulting and training for companies in the Pesaro area. It is the right partner for those taking their first steps, and not only, in the economic-financial and administrative-management sector.

A dynamic company whose philosophy and business organization are based on teamwork and continuous dialogue. Damica's main need was to have an identity and an image to be reachable and recognizable by customers.

We started from the elements that make up the brand identity, choosing colors, shapes and fonts in line with the company reference sector. We have developed a totally new brand that reproduces the image of a butterfly in a stylized way, a citation of the relative economic theory.

We completed the project with the creation of the website, aimed at making the reality of Damica known and collecting contacts from potential customers. The site is characterized by clean lines and simple shapes, which convey professionalism, seriousness and competence, three essential characteristics for Damica.

All enriched by images of the team, a fundamental element of the project, and by institutional contents, capable of transmitting the values ​​and philosophy of Damica.

Art Director, partner and administrator of E-leva srl, graduated from the Urbino Scuola del Libro and subsequently graduated from the ISIA of Urbino in Editorial Graphics and Photography, in 1997-98 he worked in Vienna at Nofrontiere, one of the first web agencies born in Europe. Since 1996 he has been responsible for the graphic image and communication for many companies, cooperatives and public administrations, from the definition of the Brand Identity to the care of publications and events,…

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