Daoust Lestage

Phoenix The Creative Studio

Daoust Lestage is an architectural firm specialized in urban design and architecture since 1988. We have been mandated to create an efficient website with a smooth and simple navigation, showcasing the multidisciplinary aspects of the company.

Working in collaboration with the design agency Paprika who handled the branding of Daoust Lestage, our team worked on the design and the development of their new website.

We focused on navigation in order to guide the user through the website and give a pleasant experience.

Both refined and strong in its design, we built this website on a structured grid that evokes the framework of Daoust Lestage’s projects.

Our creative team has created a dynamic website using Ajax transitions and responsive content; our goal was to create a website that was effective on all types of support.

You can look at what we do in a couple of ways.Some describe us as a human-scale studio whose artisans design interactions to generate emotions and connect with brands. Others believe we create the alchemy of inspiration from mixing the blood of a design team with the ashes of the Phoenix. Flip a coin and see which one you get. It landed on the edge, didn't it... By merging interaction and emotion, Phoenix The Creative Studio creates brand experiences that engage people.

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