DEEP DIP: Tasty, sustainable and to share legume based spreads company


// Which are the eating habits of new consumers?
// How can we create healthy, fun and sustainable food solutions?
DeepDip® is an exciting family of products with ‘world flavours’ of legume based spreads (hummus, muhammara, baba ganoush, etc), a spin-off business born from DOT Coop.

We have designed a colorful and inspiring brand, guided by Deepy which is characterized as a vegan T-Rex, the brand interacts in the online world, proposes new healthy and tasty products for new consumption moments (thank to its party-pack formats, and new culinary solutions that respond to “on the go” needs).

We put the stress in satisfying the needs and aspirations of the cosmopolitan, more social, and more conscious consumer segment. We are aware of the emerging consumer trends: people are more aware of the big environmental challenges, anxious for inspiring and engaging brands and ready to buy healthy food to foster their own and their family’s wellbeing.

We also took note that studies that analyze consumer behavior in the main European countries reveal an annual growth of more than 3% in “On the go” solutions. In many of these countries, there is currently a great offer, and it revealed an opportunity for the Spanish market, with a great presence in the HORECA sector and where many of the existing products do not present narratives that emotionally connect with new consumers on their own digital channels.

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