Delicious & Sons

By: Clase

Delicious & Sons is a food brand of Mediterranean influence, committed to bringing high-quality organic food to everyday life. Through classical illustrations with a modern treatment, along with a fresh colour palette, we designed an identity for the everyday life, oriented to the American market.

Shortly: a contemporary brand, with a sense of tradition. We gave visual expression to the duality of the brand by designing a classical typographic logo with a more contemporary symbol.

Also, we used old ingredients’ engravings expanded to break the limits of the labels, as a way to differentiate Delicious & Sons brand identity from high-end gourmet products. Finally, bold coloured backgrounds assembled everything together, in an eye-catching composition.

Our art direction in photography depicts Delicious & Sons’ character through its people, products and recipes. A human approach that empowered the connection between the brand and its public.

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