Dispensa Emilia Restaurant

Alexia Malina Balan

Dispensa Emilia is a fast-casual restaurant throughout Italy, promoting Emilian traditional food, from the classic "tigella" to different sorts of pasta or salads. The concept behind this project is undulating shapes following the fluidity in the pasta and reflection, a notion achieved by the juxtaposition of warm burl wood and mirror/frosted mirror.

Entering the place, you are welcomed by this mirrored cube offering the light-up menu and different places to eat, such as normal tables, countertops with stools, and space for fast eating while standing up.

We wanted to create an open back of the house that is open for people to watch the cooking but at the same time, hidden for aesthetic reasons. For that reason, out of the 4 walls of the mirrored cube, the one on the right of the entrance has a gradient from mirror to transparent glass and back to mirror, showing the kitchen area.

The wall is acting like a cave for the whole space, while also providing an ongoing bench to sit on. As for the lighting, it’s kept pretty minimal, with brown downlights and neon lights blending in with the color of the wall.

This was a 2 group project, but the renders that I am providing are made 100% by me.

My name is Alexia Malina Balan and I am a Second Year student at IED Firenze, Italy, learning Interior and Furniture Design. I was always a very creative person and starting from middle school I knew I wanted to become a designer, so for that reason, I went to an Art Highschool back home in Timisoara, Romania.

There I studied Architecture and Ambiental Design, years that thought me the basics and model making. After finishing high school, I knew I wanted to go for something more…

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