Nicola Sancisi

Gambini Meccanica produces high precision mechanical transmission components that find application in many industrial sectors. For the company we have upgraded the brand identity (which we have been dealing with for several years), introducing elements that represent the company's constant investment in technology, innovation and sustainability.

For this reason we have thought of the new hashtag #wemoveyourfuture, enhancing the idea of ​​change taking place. Through the use of gears and lines, we have built mechanical forms and human figures, man and woman, thus also communicating the concepts of the future and modernity.

The new elements of the brand identity were then declined on the various communication tools, renewing the catalog, the company profile and the exhibition stand.

Art Director, partner and administrator of E-leva srl, graduated from the Urbino Scuola del Libro and subsequently graduated from the ISIA of Urbino in Editorial Graphics and Photography, in 1997-98 he worked in Vienna at Nofrontiere, one of the first web agencies born in Europe. Since 1996 he has been responsible for the graphic image and communication for many companies, cooperatives and public administrations, from the definition of the Brand Identity to the care of publications and events,…

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