Gaudi Barcelona - Bookmarks XXL Collection

Montse Noguera Muntadas

Gaudi Barcelona - Bookmarks XXL Collection is a collection of large book points, 7 x 40 cm, for large books. In the bookmarks there are various illustrations on the work of Antonio Gaudi, colorful illustrations for a joyful memory of the city of Barcelona.

These illustrations are part of a collection of the author that this year has updated, renovated and expanded. It is an interesting collection for the graphic language and the singularity of the book point size.

Artist Publisher, Graphic Designer & Illustration.

Montserrat Noguera Muntadas (1964, Prats de Lluçanès). Degree in Fine Arts. I live and work in Barcelona. Teacher at ESDAP Campus Llotja (Higher School of Design and Plastic Arts of Catalonia), where I teach Graphic Design, Publishing and Illustration.

My professional career began in the early days of graphic computing in the 1990s. From my previous artistic training, working with traditional technologies, I always understood…

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