Global Art Programme


The exhibition "GAP - Global Art Program, Waiting for Expo 2015" at La Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan, 11-30 June 2015) promoted an international cultural exchange program between Italy and other countries participating in Expo Milano 2015.

Started in 2010, the program offered to Italian and foreign artists an opportunity to experience a two-month residence in a host country for the purpose of developing a project on issues related to the Expo.

We designed the exhibition's identity with posters, catalogue and environmental elements.

Since 2014, we are a multidisciplinary visual communication and graphic design studio based in Northern Italy. We work with cultural institutions, public administrations and no profit organizations, giving a high standard quality service in communication and visual culture, using graphic design as a challenging tool in public spaces, editorial projects and branding processes. We partner with our clients to identify the most successful way to tell their story, adopting groundbreaking approaches…

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