Ice cream dressings

Alicia Cazorla García

Fernando Sáenz is a craft gastronomer who creates his ice creams from natural and unusual ingredients. His brand Graté needs a new range of packagings for his special ice creams dressings. The solution is a range of four cylindrical aluminum containers which are stackable, easy to open-close and thought to be re-used. In order to transport the seasonings maintaining their features, a secondary and simple cardboard folding packaging has been created. It can be quickly folded at store or even stacked for future use. Besides its usability, the idea is to promote the product while walking on the street, revealing the containers. Graphic design, printed on thermocromic inks, changes its colours in order to inform about the best consumption moment. Inspired in Arts&Crafts movement and in Alice in Wonderland flowers song, it provides a framework for the labels and invites customers who are not used to touch cold to enjoy a unique experience. This project was made during my packaging design studies at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja (ESDIR), and it is a fictitious project.

Alicia Cazorla is a multidisciplinary visual artist who moves between graphic design and digital illustration, as well as organising and participating in artistic interventions on street furniture. Her references are minimalism and conceptual design, although she does not have a clearly defined style. In her works she uses flat and vibrant colours, and tries to represent ideas by reducing them to their minimum expression, in a continuous search for a graphic language with which to convey…

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