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Nicola Sancisi

Italforni is a manufacturer of industrial ovens for the pizzeria, bakery, pizzeria, gastronomy sector and for cooking glass and ceramics. The company was founded in 1978 as a manufacturer of electric and gas ovens for the professional sector. Over the years, thanks to the strong expansion of the sector, it expands its core business, becoming today one of the main companies on the market. We took care of developing a totally customized corporate website for the client, starting from a graphic designed together with the architect Matteo Beraldi, Italforni's Creative Director & Brand Manager. We focused on conveying all the design and innovation of each product, using ambient, evocative images and close-ups on the advantages of each oven. The customer asked us to convey the values ​​of innovation, sustainability, reliability and efficiency and an elegant and sophisticated image of the company, focusing on the quality and Made in Italy design of the products. The technical intervention has been studied in detail, the whole site has in fact excellent performance in terms of speed and page loading. Furthermore, we used a completely custom WordPress development system with which we created effects, movements and transitions. The structure of the entire site was created following the guidelines of usability and readability. In fact, the blocks are organized in such a way as to give authority and the right importance to the elements present. Everything is tied together by transient effects capable of stimulating navigation and making it fluid and light. The user is guided in navigating between the product and institutional contents and is prompted, through a studied arrangement of the contents, to ask for information and to contact the company.

Art Director, partner and administrator of E-leva srl, graduated from the Urbino Scuola del Libro and subsequently graduated from the ISIA of Urbino in Editorial Graphics and Photography, in 1997-98 he worked in Vienna at Nofrontiere, one of the first web agencies born in Europe. Since 1996 he has been responsible for the graphic image and communication for many companies, cooperatives and public administrations, from the definition of the Brand Identity to the care of publications and events,…

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