L'Amo e la Rete - Brand Design

Nicola Sancisi

Stefano is a chef with a passion for the sea and its products. Stefano decided to put down roots and did so in Pesaro, 20 meters from home, opening a fish shop that is also a gastronomy, but also a space where you can experiment with new ways to consume seafood, especially the Mediterranean.

But Stefano didn't run those 20 meters from home in a straight line, it would have been easy. He decided, perhaps precisely because the earth is round, to walk them by making the "wide tour", starting from the family restaurant (25 years ago) to get to the Canary Islands and then continuing to Valencia, Zanzibar, Thailand, Kenya, in Greece, Tunisia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Estonia, Romania, Tel Aviv, Australia, Guatemala, .

Places where his experience as a chef and as a man has been enriched, where his skin it has become mature, where the timelines have found their balance. Today Stefano begins his new journey and we are very happy to have given shape and colors to his umpteenth adventure.

Each project has its own story behind it, which we always hope to be able to convey with the right idea, with the right graphic style. This time the story is so intense that it was enough for us to represent it by combining concepts: time and life, the sea and passion, the journey and the trace we leave behind and within us.

Art Director, partner and administrator of E-leva srl, graduated from the Urbino Scuola del Libro and subsequently graduated from the ISIA of Urbino in Editorial Graphics and Photography, in 1997-98 he worked in Vienna at Nofrontiere, one of the first web agencies born in Europe. Since 1996 he has been responsible for the graphic image and communication for many companies, cooperatives and public administrations, from the definition of the Brand Identity to the care of publications and events,…

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