Mercè Puig

La Rioja is widely known for its red wine production. This variety is the most popular of its Qualified Designation of Origin but this projects tries to bring some visibility to the white wine from La Rioja and its byproducts, by creating an analogy between two peculiar thingsof the region such as white wine and riojanismos, typical words from La Rioja which have evolved from Spanish but are only used there.

After searching in some dictionaries specialized in riojanismos, a list of thirty-six words and their significates in standard Spanish was created, which is used in the labels of the different products.

With this list, a game has been designed in all the products’ labels. It works like a memory game; you have to make pairs between the riojanismos (in bold) and their significate or “translation” to standard Spanish (in Roman,) both of them written in the bottle’s label.

To know if the pairing you have created is correct, you have to remove the little tags where the words are written and see if the number under them is the same on both. Using this game, we achieve an interaction between the consumer and the label, not only because it brings the possibility you get to play with them, but also the opportunity to learn new words and to be closer to this land of wines.

The label is divided in two horizontal bands, that need to be known in order to comprehendhow they are glued. The upper part of the label is glued to itself (there is an upper internal label and an exterior one) with glue made of casein.

The lower part (where you can find the game) is die-cut, removable and glued with natural paraffin wax that comes from bee hives, what allows the movement of the tags. This is where the numbers can be found in order to correct the pairings that have been made.

The graphics and the typography follow the aesthetic of a dictionary, just like the back label. In this case, the first word in bold refers to the product, followed by a short description in which information about the wine and the game’s rules are given.

The name of each product is a typical word from La Rioja, and its definition and the product’s name are also written in the label. The collection is made of three different products with four different structures: the orujo, called Sosiego, which goes in a bottle of 50cl with a top; the white vermut, Tomapán, in a 50 cl bottle with a swing top; and the white wine, Capiscar, in a 75 cl bottle and a 1,5 L Magnum bottle with an Screwcap top.

It is a bottle with a well-balanced and slender silhouette and drooping shoulders. The labels have an WS filter, are water and humidity resistant and are glued to the bottle with hot melt glue.

The bags are made of organic cotton of vegetal origin, serigraphied with water-based ink. It is a bag intended for personal use to carry the bottle of wine for its consumption and which can have a new use in the future.

Me llamo Mercè Puig y desde pequeña ya me apasionaba el mundo del dibujo, la fotografía y la arquitectura. A medida que iba creciendo sabía que tenía que buscar la mezcla perfecta entre todo lo que me gustaba y finalmente me decidí por estudiar diseño gráfico.

Durante los cuatro años de carrera me di cuenta de que el mundo del packaging era apasionante para mí y a la misma vez me gustaba hacer proyectos reales, emocionales, sociales… con un sentido, una herramienta para…

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