MATCH Tonic, ending the ordinary.


MATCH Tonic, design to disrupt and excite the e-commerce market with maximum sustainability in mind. Made for today’s e-commerce most demanding consumers, MATCH delivers a range of tonic waters made with superfood botanicals in a bespoke square bottle.

MATCH bottles are optimised for e-commerce due to their square shape, short height and stackability. The 4-pack perfectly replicates the silhouette of the iconic MATCH bottle and is ultra-compactly designed to travel safely and cost-effectively to disrupt and excite the e-commerce market.

MATCH is a commitment to sustainability too, thanks to its stackable bottles of 100% recycled glass. Also, the labels have an optimized quantity of inks and an area without adhesive for peeling off the bottle, making the package even more recyclable.

All the design decisions and material selection of the objects that make up the MATCH universe are aimed at promoting sustainability. From primary packaging to secondary packaging, MATCH takes into account all stages of production, transport, distribution and end-of-life.

- The glass in all MATCH bottles is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. - The MATCH bottles are ideal for e-Commerce, square shape, very short, optimized. - The labels have a killer glue on one side for easy removal of the bottles and easy separation for different recycling of the glass and the label.

- The ultra-light four pack fits perfectly to the characteristic geometry of the bottles. And what's more, it is easy to store (stackable), to assemble and to handle. - With the four-packs, no additional handling or packaging is required for e-commerce.

- Maximum optimisation of storage and transport space for all components to ensure maximum efficiency. MATCH, shaking up the tonic category.

SERIESNEMO es un estudio de diseño multidisciplinar con sede en Barcelona. Estamos especializados en Branding, Packaging y Diseño de Producto con un enfoque principal en los mercados de Bebidas, Espirituosos y Vinos.

En SERIESNEMO defendemos la concepción del packaging como el principal transmisor de los valores de la marca. Concebimos cada producto como un conjunto en el que todos los elementos son fundamentales.

Por ello, el equipo de SERIESNEMO está formado por…

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