Memorable Tools

Beatriz Donayre

This Project starts looking around the old house of my grandparents in the mountains of Peru. A house plenty of history, symbols and magic objects that could survive through years.

I started looking and talking with some of the objets and the tools that have been in silent for years. These tools specifically belongs to the old kitchen. An old kettle with sporadic uses, an oven that had been buit by my grandfather when he was young, some tools that need to be washed.

It was really amazing took a look to how these objets were standing there and being witness of the time. So, I didn´t know when will be the next time I could be in contact with them, nobody used them anymore, nobody touch them anymore.

These objets represents how life was in contact with actions and moments that perhaps had been frozen. That´s whay I call this the “memorable tools” and this title take me to this statement: When the past is part of the present, we could start asking how the future could include what have been memorable.

Tools, objects have the power to live in the past and staying alive in the constant way of being witness of memorable moments.

Visual maker who believes that behind everything there is a story to tell, to show, to share and to teach. Curiosity, imagination and observation always stay alive in my daily creative method.

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