Moving Dunes

NÓS Architects

The project chosen for this application is the laureate of a call for proposals launch by the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (MBAM; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts), for an ephemeral installation on the Avenue du Musée.

Each year, a new installation is proposed and built by local designers to marks the borders of the avenue built surroundings. The project is a means to, on the one hand, increase the visitors’ experience by expanding the museum exhibition spaces outdoor and, on the other hand, to create an arrangement that reflects the main summer exhibition of the current year.

The main exhibition theme, this year 2018, is “From Africa to the Americas: Picasso face-to-face past and present”. De facto, our proposal draws from the primitive arts to move the passersby in a geometrical landscape, intangible yet disruptive.

Throughout summer 2018, the Museum Avenue du Musée will be animated and dressed with an expressive veil of dunes, created from an anamorphosis of distorted patterns. “Moving Dunes” is a mirage at the core of the City of Montreal.

During a walking journey, the visitor will navigate among reflective spheres mirroring the built environment of the MBAM, which is compromised of unique architectural and historical pieces.

“Moving Dunes” offers a singular space where reality and virtuality can face, an intertwining that is meant to awaken the sense and amplify the experience. This exterior piece of art seeks to enable the passersby to create new (and yet unknown) relations with their surroundings.

NÓS Architects propose this conceptual framework, anchored in a graphic work, to “Selected from Bilbao” as a means to follow the festival thematic. “Moving Dunes” articulates visual arts and architecture to create new subjective experiences.

This installation offers the basis to generate dialogue between professionals from diverse fields and enrich respective practices and expertise.

NÓS Architects was founded in 2017 by Gil Hardy and Charles Laurence Proulx. The studio works to bring together creators with varied and complementary expertise in an innovative space.

Among others, architects, landscape architects and artists from different cultures find themselves interacting and innovating around common projects. Driven by a contemporary spirit, each project presents itself as an opportunity to conceive a unique environment for its users.

NÓS is the spirit…

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