Panieriai skatepark

By: Ana Blanco de la Fuente

Paneriai skatepark is a place of leisure open to people of all ages who want to have fun under the skate culture. In addition to a large space for skating, there are several concert halls, bars, cafes, bathrooms and warehouses and other facilities for the maintenance and use of space.

From the entrance, an elevated walkway leads directly to the skatepark. It has the participation of artists and graffiti artists in the area for the decoration of vertical walls.

It's located in an old railway tunnel, brick and masonry, 427 m long, 8 m wide and 6. 5 m high, of great heritage value, in the Paneriu forest, 15 km from the center of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Work done in a team with an Erasmus partner.

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