Peach armchair - Client: Mobboli

Arnau Reyna

There are collections that have a relaxing effect just by pronouncing their name. Such is Peach, MOBBOLI’s series of comfortable, sustainable and friendly upholstered armchairs. With soft rounded lines that are a nod to its name. An example of how distinction and design go hand in hand in seats that welcome us with their enveloping forms. Peach chairs join the collection with the same design and comfort as the armchairs. The Peach collection presents four models of armchair with high and low backrest and two types of bases: swivel wooden or fixed metal; a footrest or pouf ideal to combine with the armchair; and two models of chair with two types of bases: swivel wooden or four metal legs. The original Peach armchairs that gave birth to this collection are designed with individual upholstered pieces with a set of rounded and soft rubber bands that are joined together to create their characteristic backrests, resulting in pieces with personality that fit in any space.Its structures – swivel with wooden legs or four metallic legs for the chair or legs closed with a rod for the armchair- are available lacquered or painted in a wide range of colours to combine with any of the upholsteries in the sample collection, an offer with infinite possible combinations that allow for customization.

We are Ramón Arnau (1984, Denia) and Mariola Reyna (1985, Valencia) we met studying Architecture in 2003, while finishing this career, our passion for furniture design led us to continue studying Industrial Design together.…

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