Project Saccharum

By: Ella Bulley

The value of the handmade over the machine made is something to be celebrated. In the future the provenance and processing of a material will be just as important as the final product itself.

Through an appreciation of craft and traditional production techniques I have explored the potential of sugarcane, a material I believe is no longer appreciated as it once was, as a potential craft material.

Saccharum (sugarcane) is a perennial grass growing abundantly across the globe and is the main source of sucrose. Refined sucrose, also known as sugar was historically introduced to the west as an expensive commodity that influenced socio-cultural movements.

However, over time sugar has become under appreciated and devalued and is now regarded simply as a cheap commodity. Through my work I aim to elevate sugarcane by transforming it from a humble crop into a crafted artefact.

With the emphasis firmly on the handmade and the artisan craftsman, I also hope to challenge our perceptions surrounding this forgotten material and propose future alternative uses for natural resources that are currently in abundance yet under appreciated.

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