Refrakt "Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear"

By: Refrakt

The digital space is ubiquitous, yet invisible to the naked human eye. Refrakt is a virtual museum revealing this increasingly relevant part of our daily lives and social interactions.

By crossing the boundaries of physical space, various objects of all kinds of media play with the viewer’s perception of parallel realities. The device being used becomes an apparatus for this new world and lets the viewer interact with his immediate surroundings.

While scanning real-life objects, he will perceive alternate realities in a virtual space. The first exhibition curated by Refrakt took place at Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie. With their guerilla exhibition, Carla Streckwall and Alexander Govoni brought both virtual sculptures and image alterations in contact with classical paintings.

82 paintings were selected and brought into digital interaction by the team. The user was invited to perceive the museum from a new perspective and interact with art-work in virtual reality.

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