Rival Garbage Bins

Victor Luis Mota Mattoni

Turning the most hated players intogarbage bins to make sure fans will puttheir litter in bins and not on the floor. The rivalries between the clubs lead many fans to behave irrationally.

Driving many to throw garbage into the field towards rival players. This 'dirty' behaviour can be used in our favour, getting supporters to put their garbage in the right place, if instead of having normal garbage bins we have…Rival Garbage Bins.

IDEA:Personalized garbage bins, placed inside and around stadiums, equipped with the shirt of some most hated players of their biggest rival team. Players whose supporters of his rival team would try to hit with trash if they had an opportunity.


Illustration:Victor Mattoni / Miami Ad School Rio de Janeiro

Art Direction:Victor Mattoni / Miami Ad School Rio de Janeiro, Alessandra Soler / Miami Ad School Madrid

Copywriting:Carlos Chaveiro / Miami Ad School Madrid

Brazilian Art Director currently living in Spain. I also work with illustration and design.

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