By: Víctor Vilar San José

Snore is a kennel designed by Víctor Vilar. It is designed from an ergonomic perspective, both for the dog and the owner. The shape is designed from the analysis of the way a particular dog sleeps.

Over 10 days, information is collected about the zones occupied by the dog when sleeping. These areas will define the final shape of the surface; thus the kennel will be the most efficient and ergonomic for the best rest of man's best friend.

The stress generated by the dog, when traveling in a cage, will be reduced since it will be traveling on its own bed. Who would not like to travel on their personal bed! Snore, besides being a bed, is also a carrier.

Below the bed, we will find the mesh to build the cage. The process will be as simple as inserting it into the holes in the corners of the bed and fastening them with leather clips.

In most cases, keeping the kennel at home when we are not traveling can be troublesome, but Snore allows you to keep it easily and effortless under the bed. This product is designed to make the life of our dog and our own more comfortable when traveling, the materials it is made of is fiberglass, therefore it will be light and resistant, ideal to be moved and clean!

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