Phil Cleaver

The brief was to communicate both – work and play – education for a flourishing future – showing a raising, caring attitude – visual link to the flower festival in Girona. Education is represented by the age old symbol of the book which is knowledge. By folding the pages of this book on flowers, I demonstrate both play and transformation. In the background of the folded book we see Victorian English roses, a symbol for England which ties the image into the Girona flower festival and my birth, in this life, in England. The flowers also communicate flourishing, caring and growth of the students to their full potential. The figure of a Chinese teacher on top of the book, brings in education again and also highlights the collaboration with CEIDA China Europe International Design Culture Association. The watering can symbolises caring, nurturing need to help students grow and flourish. No part of this image was made on computer. It was created by hand and then photographed. I also want to communicate to design students that they do not need a computer to design. A computer is not able to give you ideas. It is just a tool. [193 words]

Phil is an award-winning designer, artist and author whose personality emerged from the labyrinthine city of London, under the anarchic influence of Punk, the exotic East and the design industry’s most prominent and influential leaders.

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