By: Francisca Martin

Product: Sparkling wine and a white wine from two wine-growers who want to do something good. Briefing: Design a label for both products to generate many donations. The collected money will be donated to a special children aid project:Children from families without money to spend for vacation will be able to go on a holiday trip with the help of the Tablers campaign and will experience and discover their talents in courses there!Creative solution: We did not want to develop a boring charity design or work with compassion.

We wanted to show directly the result if someone buys the wine: We give the children wings! So they can discover the world and find new perspectives! Starting with the old saying “We won´t leave you out in the rain“, we developed an illustration consisting of two parts: an adult giving a balloon to a child, which also serves as an umbrella.

And, if you turn the bottle, it takes off and flies away with it. … A label, which is not only fun because of its content but also because of its details: the raindrops are printed with UV-finish - that´s why it is always fun to take the bottle “in your hand” and it´s fun to drink it again and again making you want to buy it again.

Until today, this campaign helped to collect more than EUR 20,000. Cheers! Make children happy!CD/AD: Roman RuskaDesign/Concept: Andrea TolosanoIllustration/Concept: Paula CanoDTP/Design: Anina Takeff

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