Typography and Tableware

Aintzane De Luna

‘GET UP!’ is an installation of 15 antique porcelain plates intervened with messages painted by hand. Reused ceramics give support to a contemporary discourse, through a gentle appearance installation that suggests a comfortable domestic space, in opposition to the speech, which calls for rebellion, nonconformism, and consumption, in a sort of ironic and controversial discourse.

The medium of the ceramics has enough ductility and it is a suitable means for an ideological proposal related to women’s condition, their traditional customs and uses and the imperative call assume the challenges for gender equality.

Identity and social claim have found a unique instrument in ceramics. Likewise, this project has the purpose not only to recover disused pottery and value it as objects with a soul but also to reduce production in a current saturated society.

The project connects with the Japanese philosophical concept in which old, eroded or imperfect objects become the best artistic support, in order to find the beauty in imperfection.

These pieces survived and show the signs of time, therefore, it is fair to recover and give them a new life.

Aintzane Martínez de Luna nace en Bilbao, licenciada en Bellas Artes especialidad Diseño por la Facultad del País Vasco EHU/UPV, su trayectoria artística le ha llevado a desarrollar diferentes disciplinas en las artes plásticas. …

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