URKIDE, branding

La Consulta Creativa

URKIDE is a school located in the centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz. They needed to reinforce their brand in order to make it well-known, remembered and, at the same time, to convey the values and vision of the company. They turned to La Consulta Creativa to create the visual identity of the brand. We created the Corporate Identity Manual and carried out the analysis and changes to the rest of their brands, products and services to enhance their most relevant asset. We created patterns to be used as a resource in the school's own architecture. The branding strategy around the space is carried out by Tak Tik Arq and La Consulta Creativa, creating friendly and, above all, young spaces; in short: transforming the conventional school into a relaxed space with its own style. The brand is sober and aseptic, but it is the environment, the supports, which turn it into a fun, current, serious, informal and lively brand. We control the brand in its appearances both on line and off line, also creating the corporate website and a Visual Identity of the brand for social media networks.

La Consulta Creativa es una pequeña boutique creativa fundada en 2007, situada en Vitoria-Gasteiz. Un equipo especializado en packaging, branding y apasionados por el mundo del arte y del diseño con alma.

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