Vocal Grammatics: a writing system for beatbox

By: Adrien Contesse

Beatbox takes it’s roots in Hip Hop culture. This vocal art is a way of producing rhythm and music without any instrument. At first beatbox was mainly focused on copying instrumental sounds.

Within time, it has evolved into a singular art using a wide spectrum of sounds. The production of sounds mostly implies internal organes. In this context it is difficult for a beatboxer to have a mental image of his performance.

That is why many have tried to creat writing systems for beatboxing. Unfortunately, none of them where able to offer a fully efficent answer.

The method I have developed is based on a phonetic approch which analyses the production of sound by two main parameters: the place where it is located in the mouth and de way it is made.

Those data are represented by two different type of glyphs. When combined together those glyphs creat a composed sign.

This system enables the transcription of the whole spectrum of human voice with a narrow set of glyphs.

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