Welcome to paradise

Ana Blanco de la Fuente

Why limit ourselves to visit the ruins and not inhabit them or live them spatially? Reflection project that starts from social issues such as narcissism, seduction, consumption, logical dualities, emptiness, past-present-future relationship, rehabilitation, .

from the reading of The Empty Era by Giles Lipovetsky. Utopian proposal for the Acropolis. The Parthenon is full of vegetation, colors and furniture -designed by me- to be, sit, rest, be barefoot .

Everything is mobile so the user can interact and change the space. The Temple of Erection is a pool with a structure of mobile methacrylate panels, creating games of light, colors and shadows that are projected on the water.

The objective was, according to this text in which I have been inspired, to take a great mythological figure -in this case in the form of architecture- and to reinterpret it according to the problems of the moment so that the current generation recognizes itself and finds its identity in it.

Interior Design student at Escuela Superior de Diseño Madrid.…

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