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When we decided to make our new website we wanted to do something different, to show our way of working and invite people to participate in it. We are two, so we always start a project with an amalgam of ideas, a big mural where we share our thoughts that resembles the walls of a bathroom in a bar or a disco full of graffiti, stickers and random thoughts. Together with Basora, the designer of the website, and Jocabola, the creative coder, we started to work on this idea of a mural open to the visitor in which they can draw, make stop motions and, also, watch our films and a little bit of the experimentation we do in them.

Audible - The creative team of Kolle Rebbe proposed us to make this campaign for Audible, a production company of audiobooks, whose concept was based on seeing a series of characters in everyday situations that when they put on the headphones, and began to listen to the audiobooks, they and their surroundings were transformed into the world around which the book revolved. It was a mixed media work in which on the one hand we worked with the actors on the set creating their environments and through games with the scenery, the light and interventions on their faces in CGI, we transformed them into mythological creatures, fairy tale princesses or intrepid detectives.

WASO - Our main source of inspiration has been and is nature. Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo proposed us this project for Shiseido in which they asked us to create something that would show how the union of nature and technology could result in a work of art. We were delighted with the proposal and created an installation in which the technology (sensors, readers or cameras) collected data on flowers, plants, insects and fungi that evolved on some islands suspended in the middle of a gallery and a 3D printer created a work of art (a sculpture) from all this data. To create the installation we had the collaboration of Espadaysantacruz studio and it involved a process of experimentation and research of several months.

Momento del día más inspiracional para ti

¿Quién o qué momento de tu vida fue crucial para desarrollar tu pasión por el arte o la creatividad?
Entre los 15 y los 20 fue cuando descubrimos el cine, el diseño, la animación, etc… y decidimos dedicarnos a eso para siempre.

Artistas que admiras…
Val del Omar, Svankmajer

¿Una ciudad inspiracional para ti?
Mexico D.F.

¿Tu sitio favorito de Bilbao? Si aún no conoces la ciudad… ¿el lugar que te gustaría conocer?
Casco viejo

¿Te gustaría enviar un mensaje a la audiencia antes de Selected 2020?
Queremos compartir con vosotros lo que creemos que ha sido esencial para nosotros, la experimentación sin límites.

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