Vittorio Perotti
Vittorio Perotti

Vittorio Perotti New York

Vittorio Perotti is a multidisciplinary art director and designer with a passion for stunning ideas. He was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, a small seaside town in the center of Italy.

When he was 18, he started studying communication and semiotics between Italy and Spain, while working as a graphic designer freelancer and a punk- rocker. In 2014, he created ‘The emoji redesign project’: the first set of emoticons with a flat style.

The project has been featured in some of the most important blogs all over the world. In 2016, he collaborated with the New York firm Sagmeister & Walsh, where he illustraded the cover of the NYTimes Magazine and worked on the "Pins Won't Save The World" charity project.

Later that same year, he became a freelancer and started collaborating with Apart Collective, BASE, Beyond the Line and more. In 2017, he moved to New York City and founded YOHOHO: a network of pirate creatives, storytellers and artists.

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